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Install Active Solar Road Stud Markers in Tunnel

The tunnel active solar road stud marker, also known as photoelectric raised road sign, is a clear, eye-catching and adjustable line of sight guidance sign with active flashing LED light. Continuous layout of active solar road stud marker forms the contour line of luminous lane, which not only plays an excellent and obvious role in guiding and warning, but also adds beautiful scenery to it. It is mainly installed on the roadside or tunnel wall of expressway, tunnel, approach shoulder, roundabout, safety island and underground parking lot.

solar road stud marker
First, the install position should be determined in installation drawings. According to the proper installation height of solar road stud marker, the installation position shall be determined first. When measuring the height, the formed reference object shall be used as the measurement basis (such as the completed or preliminary completed tunnel pavement, etc.). Draw a horizontal installation reference line to ensure that the installation height of lamps is consistent. 

solar road stud marker
Then, drilling and installation of the active solar road stud marker based on the hole position on both sides. And fill the blue into the drilled hole. The ratio of glue A and glue B is 1:0.7, and then 15% - 30% cement is added as filler. Mix the colloid evenly. Each active solar road stud marker needs about 30-40 grams of glue.
The surface of the installation position should be cleaned. Use a spatula to smear glues on the back of the solar road stud marker. Put the solar road stud marker wire through the hole drilled in advance. Put it in the fixed position, and tighten both sides with a cross screw driver at the same time.
After installation, clean up the spilled glue around the solar road stud marker with a spatula.