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The Solar LED Road Stud Intelligent Zebra in Nanjing


The intelligent zebra crossing is an upgrade to the solar road stud application. The solar LED road studs are laid on both sides of the zebra crossing and controlled by smart sensors and bluetooth system to keep in line with the traffic light changes. The Smart Zebra Crossing applies solar road studs, which is an energy-saving, environmental protection, safe and effective road safety device.

solar led road studs and intelligent zebra crossing

According to the introduction, in order to improve the crossing traffic order at Zhongshan South Road intersection, realize the fast and slow traffic separation, safety and orderly, reduce the congestion caused by the human-vehicle conflict, Nanjing city transportation bureau organization city road engineering research center implemented the Zhongshan South Road intersection non-motorized vehicle exclusive use channel promotion project, "intelligent zebra crossing" for the important pilot content of the project.


"Intelligent zebra crossing" was officially opened on September 6, after two nights of official operation, combined with the early August buried solar road studs pedestrian crossing trial run data, the relevant research institutions on its implementation of the effect of tracking.

The results show that intelligent solar led road studs on the night pedestrians and passing vehicles on the pedestrian crossing has played an obvious two-way warning effect, to achieve the desired implementation effect.



solar led road studs and intelligent zebra crossing

According to statistics, there are about 3,000 motor vehicles, 1,500 pedestrians and 300 non-motorized vehicles passing through the intersection in one hour during the busy period. The putting into use of "intelligent zebra crossing" with solar led road studs can protect the safety of pedestrians and warn the passing vehicles, and improve the congestion by regulating the crossing behavior of pedestrians and vehicles and separating people and vehicles.