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The Importance of Solar Road Studs On Road

As one of the main sustainable resource forms in China, solar energy resources provide the basis for the research, development, design, and production of solar road studs and solar street lamps. The emergence of solar road studs and solar street lamps has also promoted the construction of road traffic in China. So, what is a solar road stud? Solar road stud is a kind of road stud. The road stud is divided into traditional reflective road studs and solar road studs.
According to its functions and characteristics, solar road stud has the names solar cat eyes, solar pavement markers, solar warning studs, solar road stud for road, and so on. Solar road studs are similar to traditional reflective studs but have functions that traditional reflective studs do not have. Solar road studs can be illuminated in many ways, such as reflective lighting and automatic luminous lighting. The reflective road stud can only reflect light.
Solar road studs are made from ordinary road studs using solar-powered LED bulbs and photosensitive technology. When the light is weak and the lighting intensity is insufficient, the solar road stud automatically turns on the LED through the photosensitive controller. The solar road stud can serve as a warning and guidance for passing drivers by flashing and reflecting. There are two ways of light-emitting of solar road studs: flashing light and constant light.
Solar road stud is more practical in foggy and dense fog areas. Compared with ordinary street lamps, solar road studs have higher brightness and can penetrate thick fog. The distribution of fog is often very uneven. Sometimes the light is quite bright on a road section, which can provide normal driving vision. On the other side of the road, the fog filled the road, causing the driver to lose sight. The solar road stud on road can provide a good driving environment and bright lights in this case, so as to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.
Solar road studs are generally small traffic lighting facilities in a square, circular or other shapes. Unlike traditional street lamps, solar road studs are usually set along the road surface and installed at the edge or center of the road. Solar road studs can be used at night or in rainy and foggy weather to indicate the direction of the road. Life is above everything, safety is more important than Mount Tai, and let safety become a habit! NOKIN is a professional provider of solar road studs, traffic safety facilities, and intelligent security protection facilities, which can provide customers with perfect sola road stud supporting solutions and advisory services.