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NOKIN Primary Color Solar Road Stud A6-1 is In Production

The Chinese New Year has passed, and the NOKIN factory has already resumed work and production on February 4. Now the NOKIN factory is rushing to make the solar road stud A6-1 with the primary color shell. In the list, the conventional solar road stud A6-1 is a white shell with a matte texture. The primary color aluminum shell saves the process of coating the surface with white paint, and only uses the original aluminum color, which is more metallic.

NOKIN solar road stud NK-RS-A6-1 uses aluminum (GB-ADC12) + PC (Japanese brand) as the main material, which can resist more than 30 tons. The aluminum (GB-ADC12) + PC (Japanese brand) housing of the solar road stud A6-1 is superior to the PC housing due to its high load capacity and resistance to resistance. We also specially send the product for testing. The compressive capacity of solar road stud A6-1 is higher than 30 tons. If you need a test report, please contact us.

NOKIN solar road stud A6-1 adopts American brand high-efficiency solar panels to absorb solar energy. The power conversion rate of solar road studs can reach 22%, which means that solar road studs can be fully charged in a very short time. Fast-charging solar road studs can work for dozens of hours after charging for a few hours.

Solar road studs are used extensively in the infrastructure sector, including: emphasizing dangerous curves, introducing traffic calming measures, marking bike lanes and roundabouts. Additionally, solar road studs are ideal for harbours and recreational areas, for piers, jetties and pedestrian bridges, parking lots and public squares. NOKIN's solar road stud A6-1 has been used on highways in South Africa, bridges in Tanzania, private airports in Brazil, etc., and its service life can last 5-8 years.


As a professional manufacturer of solar road studs, NOKIN has more than 20 years of experience in production and sales in this field. NOKIN has a modern solar road stud production line and a fully automated glue filling machine, which can quantitatively fill solar road studs. It avoids the problem of glue overflow caused by the imbalance of artificial glue filling, and also greatly improves the production efficiency. NOKIN's monthly output of solar road studs is 50,000, and the delivery is fast, which can meet the bulk orders of large customers.