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The Impact of Temperature on Solar Road Stud Marker


As we all know, the temperature can greatly influence the effect of electrical elements. Now I will briefly introduce the impact of the environment on the solar road stud markers.

The working temperature of ordinary solar road stud battery is 0-50 ℃ and the number of cycles is 500. In summer, the surface temperature of some countries is about 60 degrees centigrade. In Northeast China, it is normal to have the lowest temperature below - 30 ℃ in winter.


solar road stud marker

The extremely low or high temperature environment is very disadvantageous to the work of the battery, which will greatly reduce the life of the battery of solar road stud, and then affect the life of the solar road stud marker. Therefore, it is necessary to select a high temperature resistant battery to ensure the life span of the solar road marker. The customized Ni-MH high temperature resistant battery can be used in a variety of environments from extremely low or high temperature.

ruichen solar road studs

The working principle of solar road stud marker is: in the daytime, the solar panel absorbs sunlight, converts solar energy into electric energy, and stores it in energy storage devices (batteries or capacitors). At night, the electric energy in the energy storage device is automatically converted into light energy (controlled by photoelectric switch), and the outline of the road is sketched by led to improve the road traffic safety.

NOKIN road studs

After 1000 times of charging and discharging, the solar road stud battery still retains more than 79% of its capacity. For solar road stud, charging in the daytime and discharging at night is a charging and discharging cycle. It can ensure that the life of solar road marker is more than 5 years.