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The Future of Solar Road Stud Markers in China

Fourth, the solar photovoltaic power generation industry of China started in the 1970s and entered a period of steady development in the mid-1990s. The output of solar road stud marker and modules has increased steadily year by year. After years of efforts, it has ushered in a new stage of rapid development. The application of solar road stud marker product realize industrialized and large-scale development.

Among them, under the support of national level development such as "Guangming project" pilot project and "power transmission to the countryside" project, and with the powerful pull of the world photovoltaic market, China's photovoltaic power generation and interconnection and grid connected industries have also developed rapidly. In recent years, a complete industrial chain composed of raw material production, photovoltaic system construction and other links has been initially established. In particular, the production of crystalline silicon materials has laid a certain foundation for the large-scale development of photovoltaic power generation and solar road stud markers in China.
2007, the solar photovoltaic industry of China developed in the most rapid trend. Benefited from the long-term benefits of the solar energy industry, the entire photovoltaic industry also appeared an unprecedented investment boom.

Besides, the application of solar road stud markers also obtains the support of policy and government. Moreover, with the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, government has formulated a series of measures to promote the application of solar energy - solar road stud marker. The outline of Shenzhen Energy Development Plan (2000-2010) issued in 2003 emphasizes the need to vigorously develop solar energy, creating a good policy environment for the large-scale application of solar energy in Shenzhen.
As a result, solar road stud markers will be received and applied in many fields and areas. And its development will be in an unprecedented speed.