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The Environmental Impact on Solar LED Road Studs


We all know that the working principle of solar LED road studs is using solar panels to absorb solar energy into electricity or stored in batteries or storage capacitors. When night falls or the light is dark to a certain degree, the induction device will preach information, and the stored energy in the battery will drive the LED to light up. So do you know how the environment affects the work of solar LED road studs?

led road stud

The external environment has a great impact on solar road studs. The operating temperature of ordinary batteries is between 0 and 50 ° C, and the cycle index is about 500 times. However, in some countries, the ground temperature in summer is around 60 ° C, and the winter temperature may be -30 ° C. High temperature is not good for the work of the battery, which may greatly reduce the service time of the battery and affect the working time of the LED road studs, so the battery must be selected to resist high temperatures and keep the solar road studs working for a long time.

According to different energy storage containers, solar LED road studs can be divided into capacitor types and battery types. The service time of the former solar road studs is 5 to 7 years, and the latter can be 1 to 3 years.

solar road stud

Solar road studs can be divided into embedded and raised types according to the installation method. Because embedded solar road studs cause greater damage to the road and the cost of capacitive led road studs is higher, so raised type battery solar road studs has been widely used in our life. Therefore, the installation environment has a great impact on solar road studs. It cannot be installed in a place with a puddle, and the road surface must be level.

Solar LED road studs can clearly outline the road, especially at night or in bad weather, because the led can penetrate the dense fog and the sight can exceed 800 meters. The installation of solar road studs effectively prevents traffic accidents and improves the visibility of drivers at night.

embedded led road stud

When we choose to install solar LED road studs, we must consider its use environment, and then choose a suitable solar road stud. If you have a hard time deciding on the choice, let us tell Nokin Traffic and we will give you a satisfaction solution!