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Self-illuminating Solar Road Studs In China Road


The Chinese government has completed the traffic safety hazard management project on the border between Hanxiao and National Highway 107. A total of 108 solar road studs, 100 cat-eye road studs, 60 meters of deceleration boards, 2 traffic signs and simulations traffic police have been installed on the section.

According to Liu Berui, the head of the order section of the East-West Lake Brigade, the safety factor of the East-West Lake section of National Highway 107 has improved significantly since the completion of the crash wall. However, due to the lack of design and the special environment of the road's slope Psychological and visual differences are caused to past drivers, and hidden safety hazards are prominent. At present, the brigade combines the characteristics of the road, starting from 200 meters away from the collision wall, every 2 meters, set up a 20 cm wide speed reducer in the middle of the road, a total of 100, and use the latest solar road studs to strengthen the tips . Each solar road stud is equipped with several small light bulbs at both ends. After absorbing energy during the day, it emits bright light at night.

road stud in China

Solar road studs use solar energy to charge and automatically emit light at night and when there is insufficient light in rain and fog, which can guide the vehicle in the correct direction and effectively ensure traffic safety. The product is easy to install, requires no wiring, and effectively saves energy. Traditional road studs have defects such as poor quality, inability to withstand rolling, easy ageing, poor warning effects, and inconspicuous warning effects.

Road studs in China now have made great progress, The solar road stud form NOKIN Traffic energy storage device can charge a battery of 800mAh. It can work continuously for about 24 hours on a single day of charging and can work for about 100 hours when fully charged. The battery has a service life of 3-5 years. The display mode is blinking or constant light, and the display colors are white, yellow, red, green, and blue. Display device 1/2/3 pieces / side, 5MM super bright LED, single or double-sided optional. The visible distance is over 500m, the working environment is -20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃, and the waterproof grade is IP68. 

solar road studs

NOKIN Traffic can provide a variety of processes and types of solar road studs according to the specific conditions of the road, which can be selected according to actual needs.NOKIN Traffic is committed to creating high quality road studs in China.