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How to install solar powered cat eyes on road


The solar powered cat eyes can well outline the road and improve the safety of night driving, so it is widely used in domestic highways and municipal highways.
A good quality solar cat eyes on road should have: good compression resistance (10 tons or more), continuous high brightness work, firm installation, not easy to fall off. The first two are provided by the manufacturer, firm installation and not easy to fall off are be guaranteed during the installation and construction.
According to many years of experience in construction and installation, NOKIN Traffic introduces the installation method of solar powered cat eyes and the matters need to attention.

First, security protection

There are several road cones, two sets of construction guide cards, one baton and one reflective garment. Everyone must wear a reflective vest before departure, and the construction card and road cone must be placed at the construction site.
Workers need to do: don't laugh, don't make trouble, obey the command, don't drink alcohol for 6 hours before going on the road, each team is equipped with 2-4 security officers.
install solar cat eyes

Second, the installation tool

Electric hammer, ruler, batch knife, small plastic bucket, chalk, generator, hand drill, stirrer.

Third, install the product

solar powered cat eyes

Fourth, auxiliary materials

Epoxy resin A, B, cement

Fifth, solar powered cat eyes detailed installation steps:

(1) Firstly, use the ruler to determine the installation position, installing one solar cat eyes on road per 15m, (or install according to the installation distance required by the drawings), ensure that the longitudinal position of each position is in a straight line, and the horizontal and horizontal alignment, the installation distance and design requirements shall prevail.
(2)  The ratio of glue for solar powered cat eyes installation is A glue and B glue 1 : 0.7, and then 15%-30% cement is added as filling agent. The addition of cement can increase the strength of glue after curing. The glue is not easy to stir too much at a time, enough to stick 50 to 70 nails. The colloid should be stirred evenly and in the same color. (flashlight drill with agitator) 40 grams of glue is required for each studs to bond.

solar cat eyes on road

(3) The road surface at the installation location should be cleaned. Use a batch of knife about 40-50 grams of glue, apply it on the back of the solar powered cat eyes, place it in the designated position, press hard and turn it left and right twice to make the solar cat eyes and the road surface tightly bonded. .
(4) After the solar powered cat eyes is installed, scrape the glue around the studs, scrape it with a batch of knives, and clean the road surface.
(5) Check the installation situation 2 hours after installation to check for any missing or installation skew.

solar powered cat eyes

Sixth, installing solar cat eyes on road should be note:

Do not touch the reflector of the solar powered cat eyes, do not stick the glue to the top, affecting the reflective effect!
It is forbidden to install the solar powered cat eyes in the location where there is water, moisture or oil on the road surface, which is easy to cause the solar cat eyes on road to fall off.
Insure that the solar powered cat eyes were installed for 6-8 hours before evacuating the road cone.