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The Advantages of Glass Road Stud

The glass road stud is in the shape of a short glass ball, and the outer bottom is painted with aluminum. It is made by heating and melting glass water, pouring it into an abrasive tool and pressing it into a glass ball, then coating the outer bottom of the glass ball with an aluminum layer, and then sealing it with paint. The headlights of the vehicle are absorbed into the glass road studs and are refracted and returned by the aluminum film behind the glass road studs to remind the driver. The glass road studs are generally installed on both sides of the road to remind the driver of the width of the road.


The use of glass road studs

Glass road studs are 360-degree high-concentration total reflection, also known as cat's eye reflective road studs, glass road marker, etc. The main material is silicon dioxide, which is fused at a high temperature of 800 °C. The exposed road surface is hemispherical, which can receive incident light sources from any direction, and has the same reflective effect within a 360-degree range. Glass road stud is a traffic safety product with vibration prompting function.


The advantages of glass road studs

(1) Reflective without dead angle: Glass road stud has a 360-degree high-concentration total reflection guide function.
(2) High visibility: 360-degree high-concentration total-reflection glass road studs can still maintain the reflective effect when the reflective line is submerged in water and loses the reflective effect in rainy days and the visibility is very low in foggy days.
(3) Glass road studs can be used in various places such as highways, national and provincial roads, rural roads, mountain roads, urban roads, community passages, and underground parking lots.
(4) The high-concentration total reflection glass road stud has good weather resistance, wear resistance, no edges and corners, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistance and oil corrosion resistance, and has a long service life.
(5) Glass road studs are ground and polished in the production process, and the surface finish is optical grade III--IV. The surface has the characteristics of self-cleaning, no dust, no sediment, and durability.


Compared with traditional road studs, glass road studs have the advantages of safety and energy saving, and help the driver to control the road surface. Especially in rainy and foggy weather and weather with poor visibility, the reflective effect of glass road studs can play a better role in navigation and effectively The safety performance of the highway and the safety of the driver's vehicle are improved.