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The Advantage of Active Solar Road Studs Light

The traditional solar road stud self-made system can complete photoelectric conversion, energy storage, and LED flash. However, because there are solar panels, circuits, and batteries in the solar road studs, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the relevant technical standards of the Ministry of transport. Moreover, the batteries can not be replaced and the service life of the road stud light is limited.

The active road stud is to gather the solar panels, batteries, and control circuits in each solar road stud into a control box. The effective control distance of a control system can reach 500 meters. Solar road studs only keep LED lampshade and a simple voltage stabilizing circuit, only for display. The internal part of such a solar road stud is very simple, and the compression value can also be very high, reaching or exceeding 16 tons.

Another advantage of this active road stud is that the solar panel is unique, and it is very suitable for use on roads with winding roads, lush trees, and insufficient sunlight on the ground. When applied, just put a solar panel in a sunny place.


The traditional solar road stud light requires that every road stud point must have sufficient sunlight, which is not realistic. Therefore, in the solar road stud industry, active road stud is an important technical way for development. It must be emphasized that the shell of the active road stud for the road surface should be made of cast aluminum.

Although the performance of active road stud is excellent, it needs to be slotted, embedded, and sealed in the road surface during installation, which requires a large amount of work and requires high engineering quality.