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New LED Solar Road Stud Battery

As LED solar road studs are light emitting devices therefore these road stud lights are available in many different colors like green, red and amber. Some LED solar road studs are embedded on the roads' surfaces. These solar road studs give the message to the driver regarding the orientation of the road even in the harsh weather conditions.

The battery of led solar road stud is special and applied high technology. The temperature and environment conditions will impact the common battery life span and efficiency. Regular lithium batteries are charged and discharged at the same temperature.


Keeping a battery too hot for a long time can also cause issues as active materials react with the electrolyte, forming passive surface films, which in turn cause high resistance.To solve the problem and improve the life span of led solar road studs' battery, a kind of new lithium battery was be created.

The researchers aim to solve the lithium plating issue by first charging the battery at a high temperature of 60°C (140°F) for a few minutes and then discharging it at a cooler temperature. The expert Wang added: “In addition to fast charging, this design allows us to limit the battery's exposure time to the elevated charge temperature, thus generating a very long cycle life. The key is to realise rapid heating; otherwise, the battery of led solar road studs will stay at elevated temperatures for too long, causing severe degradation.”


With this kind of technology, the lithium battery of led solar road studs can resist the power of extreme high or low temperature and extend the life span of led solar road stud. Those led solar road stud also needs no maintain and work more efficient.