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Function, Effect, and Price of Solar Road Stud Light

With the further promotion of smart cities, there is a huge space for the future development of solar road stud lights. Smart solar road stud light has the characteristics of automatic lighting, efficient lighting, energy conservation, and environmental protection, and can promote lighting, environmental protection, urban beautification and other aspects. As solar road stud lights are new high-tech products, many people do not know about solar road studs. Next, I will introduce the function, effect and price of solar road stud lights from several aspects.

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The most prominent function of solar road stud lights is warning. Through the super bright LED bulb, the lighting distance of the solar road stud will be greatly improved, and the warning effect will be more significant. The function of solar road studs for signs greatly increases drivers’ awareness of upcoming hazards, speed limits, or pedestrian share zones. With a 500-lumen output, these road stud lights are visible to upcoming traffic for up to 800 meters.


Some people may question the warning effect of solar road stud lights: can such a small lighting tool really reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents? These solar road stud lights have been proven to be effective, particularly in areas where vehicles are near pedestrians such as school zones, construction zones, residential areas, and university campuses. Through the evaluation of the traffic effect of the completed installation of solar road stud lights, it is concluded that the traffic control effect of solar road stud lights is obvious.

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Next, some people may question the price of solar road studs. The price of ordinary street lamps and reflective studs are far lower than that of solar road studs. Why should I choose solar road studs? The unit price of solar road stud is indeed higher than that of reflective road studs. However, after the installation of solar road stud light, the use cost and maintenance cost will be further reduced to make up for the purchase cost. Generally, the life span is more than 5 years. It can be said that solar road stud lights have long-term efficiency.

Nokin will further solve your worries about solar road stud lights. From the aspects of installation, after-sales, and customized services, Nokin solar road stud made the following commitments. Most quality Epoxy resin glue is used to fix the solar road stud, making sure of solar power charge. Philips PC board is safe and stable and can long time warranty for solar road stud reflectors. And solar road stud lights accept OEM/ODM.