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The Advantages of NOKIN Solar Road Stud A10

Solar road studs have been found to be an economical alternative to expensive street lighting. There are advantages to using LED lighting as they are long lasting, energy efficient, cool, emit minimal UV rays and contain no mercury. Solar road studs improve road usage by improving the driver's ability to identify/navigate hazardous areas compared to using traditional road studs the safety of the user. This is enhanced by the fact that solar road studs come in a variety of colors and can be used to identify various hazards on the road.


There are also more and more countries in the world accepting solar road studs and including them in the installation plan, and there are many kinds of solar road studs on the market, and the quality is not the same. Today I will introduce a NOKIN solar road stud. This road stud is an upgraded version of the previous road stud. Let's take a look at the advantages of this solar road stud!

1. Sturdy aluminum alloy base.

This solar road stud A10 of NOKIN uses an aluminum alloy base. Compared with the road stud before the upgrade, the advantage of this base is that there are 4 prisms designed where the wick is placed. These prisms can play a supporting role when the vehicle rolls over. When pressing the solar road stud, if the inside of the road stud is hollow, and the wick of the road stud is an electronic component, it has almost no compressive effect, and it is easy to be crushed by the vehicle, but this solar road stud from NOKIN just solves this problem. ,thereby greatly improving the compressive resistance of the solar road stud.


2.Very good sealing performance.

Some customers always reported that the old solar road studs will enter water, sand, and there will be water vapor around the lamp beads, etc. In order to solve these problems, The following adjustments have been made: The PC cover will be sent to the oven for a period of time before use. The purpose of this is to remove the moisture on the shell, because the shell will be placed in water to cool when it is formed. During this process, The PC shell will absorb some moisture. The place where the PC shell and the aluminum base are connected is made of a snap design, and a rubber ring will be used to connect it, which greatly enhances the waterproof performance of the solar road stud, and the sand cannot enter the interior of the road stud.


3. Better protection of solar panels

As mentioned earlier, a rubber ring is used where the PC shell and the aluminum base are connected, which makes a gap of several millimeters between the PC shell and the solar panel. This gap can protect the solar panel very well. We have done In an experiment, when the PC shell is smashed, the solar panel is still intact and can work normally.

4. The PC shell will not turn yellow due to ultraviolet radiation

We all know that polycarbonate will turn yellow under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Similarly, the raw material of the transparent shell of general solar road studs on the market is polycarbonate. It is said that the shell will turn yellow after a period of use, but NOKIN solar road studs are made of imported PC raw materials, which will not turn yellow after a long time.

To sum up, do you also think that the nokin solar road stud A10 is an excellent road stud? If you are interested, please contact us for more information!