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Strong Solar Road Stud Markers

The transparent solar panel cover on the NOKIN solar road stud markers unit is strong enough when subjected to the punishment on the road. We used the USA polycarbonate sheets, which has used by NASA, as a solar panel cover for all solar road stud markers, and independent laboratory has tested and approved for its durability and weatherability. Most importantly, NOKIN product has been road tested in actual installations and found to be very durable and unbreakable.

solar road stud marker
If the LED light failed to operate for some reason, is the public safety compromised in any way? NOKIN solar road stud marker features the "dual mode illumination" for its fail-safe functional reliability. 
Therefore, most likely it will not happen due to well constructed outer housing body and encapsulated the circuit board in the housing to prevent from shaking internally while a heavy object is frequently run over the road marker, if the unit malfunctioned and failed to illuminate the L.E.D. light beam, the road visibility is essentially equal and no less than before the installation of the NOKIN solar road stud marker. In other words, you can only improve road safety with our product. There is no compromise for road safety if a unit malfunctions.

solar road stud marker
NOKIN solar road stud markers require no maintenance while installed on the road. Side from normal pressured air cleaning of reflective surfaces, and the panel cover to clean off dust and stains, the NOKIN solar road stud marker requires no service maintenance. The unit is sealed and does not contain any serviceable parts.
Consequently, NOKIN solar road stud markers need no maintain service when installed on the road. And the life span will last for over 5 years.