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Solar Road Stud Markers Under Terrible Conditions

Nokin Traffic have been trialling and testing solar road stud markers from most manufacturers world-wide. 95% of these markers have failed on-road trials due to many factors such as compression damage, cracked solar panels, moisture, heat damage to batteries and vibration. 

solar road stud marker
Some Nokin solar road stud marker models have lasted well 'off-road', and are still working for over 5 years now. We are trialling new solar road stud marker models that have been improved and are working with a few manufacturers on improving these markers.
In wet conditions, the solar road stud markers are more effective than the conventional reflective road studs. In rainy conditions, the effective visible range of conventional reflective road stud is significantly reduced. The luminosity of the radiance of the reflector plate suffer greatly when its surface is wet. However, high intensity LED beam from Nokin solar road stud is unaffected by wet surfaces and continues to be effective in rainy conditions.
One of the most pronounced benefits of the Nokin solar road stud marker is its fog-penetrating, high intensity L.E.D. light beam that remains visible at a much greater range in comparison to the conventional reflective road stud marker. Nokin solar road stud marker is truly a life-saving safety device on the roads in areas with frequent fog related traffic accidents.

solar road stud marker
During the long rainy seasons with heavy overcast conditions, Nokin solar road stud markers would continue to operate with limited availability sunlight. Since Nokin solar road stud markers is equipped with super efficient solar panels, and since the required power consumption is relatively very small, we have not encountered any report of installed units that have failed to operate properly due to the lack of available sunlight or light source.