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Solar Road Stud Supplier In China--NOKIN Traffic


Road Stud supplierNOKIN Traffic is a well-known and honest manufacturer and road stud supplier in China. The
company provides new and specialized solar road studs for street marking. Solar road studs are
particularly suitable for marking crosswalks, ring roads, traffic islands, etc. Our products are
powered by active lighting LED light sources and can still work normally after years of use.

All products from NOKIN Traffic have a unique, patented solar current conversion. Thanks to this
technology, our solar road studs have the highest level of lighting (durability), which eliminates
expensive cable installations. Innovative design, developed from the highest quality stainless steel,
has made our solar road studs increase road safety for several years.

As the name suggests, solar energy uses sunlight to generate environmentally friendly electricity. As a result, these innovative solar road studs operate independently and are completely maintenance-free. Due to their own power source (solar battery), the wires of these lamps are eliminated, resulting in quick and easy installation.

There are many solar road studs suppliers in China, NOKIN Traffic can stand out by the quality of integrity and product quality. Nokin's solar road studs have been exported to more than 60 countries and have been well received by customers around the world.

Advantage of NOKIN Traffic solar road studs Products:Solar Road Stud
♦ Visible up to 1000 meters
♦ Reduces Accidents up to 80%
♦ Increases driver reaction
♦ Illuminates effectively in wet road conditions where traditional striping fails
♦ Eliminate Light pollution
♦ Low cost alternative to overhead lighting
♦ Shape design patent
♦ Recyclable
♦ Biker friendly
♦ Flush In-road Installation (2mm above road)
♦ Up to 100h endurance (with full accumulator)
♦ Uni / Bi Directional LED
♦ Maintenance free
♦ Easy installation, wireless free
♦ Autonomous solar energy