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Aluminium Solar Road Stud From NOKIN Traffic


With the development of the lighting project in cities, people has paid more attention on the field of solar road stud, which gives them a chance to be improved. The solar road stud are not only extend the area of city space, but a way for the cities to show their history, culture, and natural landscape. To beautify the cities and improve the investment and living environment, a large number of solar road stud are applied in different cities all over the world, which has become a major element to promote the flourish and development of the industry of business and tourism, which has also bring great economic and social benefits to the cities.

Nokin Traffic is the manufacturer of solar road stud with 18 years production experience,today I want to introduce a aluminium solar road stud to you.


Solar Road Stud

Aluminium solar road stud NK-RS-A6-1:

The solar road stud is made by aluminum and PC, which has strong pressure resistance of more than 30 tons in total. Thus, it can be installed in the middle of the road, where the pressure is much stronger than other places of the road surface, and the cars can drive on the solar road stud directly. Compared with other products made by aluminum and PC, the pressure resistance of NK-RS-A6-1 is much better, so it is used widely in main streets where the car flows are huge. The solar road stud has two reflectors, and the led lights on them are America brand of high brightness, so the visual distance of this product is longer than other road studs.

Aluminium Solar Road Stud

This aluminum solar road stud is our patent products and have the design patent. The high-quality aluminum shell is different from other aluminum solar road stud. The reflector of A6-1 aluminum solar road stud is recessed under the aluminum shell. This design better protects the reflector. When the vehicle presses the solar road stud, it will not directly press on the reflector to cause it to break.Prolongs the service life of solar road studs.

Specifications of aluminium solar road stud NK-RS-A6-1:


Body Material Aluminum(GB-ADC12)+PC(Japan Brand) Waterproof IP68
Power Supply USA Brand High efficient solar panel 2.5V/150MA for NI-MH battery 5V/60MA for lithium battery LED Ultra bright diameter 5mm (6pcs or 18pcs) super brightness >5000mcd
Battery NI-MH battery 1.2V/600mAh;Lithium battery 3.2V/500MA; Super capacitor 2.3V/120F Life Span 2 years with battery for NI-MH battery; 5 years for lithium battery; 10 year for super capacitor
Visual Distance 800m(approx) Load Capacity >30T (can be installed in the middle of road)
LED Color Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,White Size L125*W107*H25+55mm/L125*W107*H25mm
Working Mode Recharging at day and working automatically at night Working  (-25~+75)
Flashing Mode Flashing or Constant Weight 0.68kg
Working Hours (1).Blinking:140 hours for NI-MH battery; 130 hours for lithium battery;
(2).Constant:40 hours for NI-MH battery; 35 hours for lithium battery;15hours for super capacitor after fully charged.