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Solar Road Stud Markers for Decoration

When the night comes, there will be many colorful solar road stud markers have been installed on the ground of many squares, parks, villas and other landscape areas. It is a good tool given by the sun to the earth for lighting human beings at night. These solar road stud lights are embedded under the surface of road and use solar power as energy source. They are small and delicate in appearance. You can choose different colors to decorate the night scene while lighting.

solar  road stud

There are five common colors of embedded solar road studs: Red, yellow, blue, white, green. And different color solar road stud markers can imply different meaning. For decoration only, you can choose whatever color you like.

The lights of solar road stud markers are capable of working for up to 10 days with just four hours of charge, and cost the same amount over the course of their life as traditional cats eye road studs.

solar road stud
Frontal illumination of solar road stud markers is less than 80Lux (some under the street light, the light intensity of the street light is above 100Lux, it will lead to the road stud is not bright, you need to know the adjustment light intensity in advance).
solar road stud markers

Nokin Traffic specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of new high-tech solar road studs more than 18 years. They are showing their new eco-friendly solar road stud technology to countries around the world. Solar studs use integrated solar panels which power the battery and LED lamp without any external power supply. Unlike our competitors, our product utilizes an innovative clip-on replacement system to minimize repair and replacement costs.