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Solar Road Stud Markers-High-tech Patent Product


Solar road stud markers have been shown to enhance safety and be a more sustainable and economical method of delineation during night-time hours or inclement weather conditions.

The solar road stud marker is activated at the beginning of dusk. Once the daylight exceeds 100 lux in the morning, the lightning of solar road stud marker goes out and the battery starts to charge. They maintain light output throughout the year cycle and have been proved to improve night safety. Even on cloudy or rainy days, the solar road studs can be effectively charged to 100% within about 3 hours.

solar road markers

Solar road stud markers can emit light at night, in Nokin, these solar road stud markers are built-in solar energy and LED technology. The solar road marker needs no wiring, no maintenance. It just need to accept sunshine in the day and will automatic light up at night to guide the way. Except that, it is very beautiful. The citizen center installed solar road stud markers as decoration.

solar road stud marker

Solar road stud markers series are high-tech patent products, easy to installation and suitable for squares, streets, bridges, docks, gardens and other public places. Solar road stud markers are easy to install and use, safe, without buried wires, and work automatically. 

solar road stud markers

Solar road stud markers contain high-power solar cells and high-temperature nickel hydrogen batteries or super capacitors, environmental protection, pollution-free, special drive and protection circuit, with a service life of up to 3-5 years.Solar road stud markers are a good solution for safe and sustainable infrastructure, providing superior distance visibility for the road layout ahead.