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Colorful Solar Road Stud Markers on Road Surface


As we all know, solar road stud markers were specifically designed for roads at first. For roads with hazardous characteristics (including elbows, downhill slopes, or intersections), solar road studs can provide a better profile, while at complex intersections , Opening / closing of ramps and driveways where solar studs on road can provide better effects.

solar road marker

When the night comes, there will be many colorful and chic lights on the ground of many squares, parks, villas and other landscape areas that have been installed with solar road studs. It is a good tool given by the sun to the earth for lighting human beings at night. Some of these solar road studs are embedded under the surface of road and use solar power as energy source. Solar road stud markers are small and delicate in appearance. You can choose different colors to decorate the night scene while lighting.

solar  road studs

In addition to the function of lighting, solar road studs also has the function of decoration, which can create a warm and romantic atmosphere in the garden, yard or park. Multi-color LED decorative solar road stud markers can be converted into a variety of colors according to the needs, emit colorful light, and bring decorative effect to the surrounding environment.

solar studs

There are five common colors of solar studs on road: Red, yellow, blue, white, green. And different color solar road studs can imply different meaning. For decoration only, you can choose whatever color you like.

The solar road stud of Nokin is available in various customized designing options in order to fulfill the variant demands of our customers. Nokin solar road stud help your environment more beautiful and delightful.