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Solar Road Stud Markers for Conservation Areas

The solar road stud marker is a delineator designed specifically for cycle paths & pedestrian areas that has been developed with a unique omni directional LED giving a 360° visibility.

solar road stud maker
During the marketing of this product we often heard people mentioning upwards light spillage and the effect it has on flying mammals – mainly Bats. In addition to causing disturbance to bats at the roost, artificial lighting can also affect the feeding behavior of bats and their use of commuting routes. These are two aspects to this: one is the attraction hat short wave length light (UV and Blue light) has to a range of insects; the other is the presence of lit conditions.
To provide a solution for areas with Bat colonies and other conservation sensitivities we have designed a solar road stud marker version that we call, the ‘Bat Hat’.
Any upwards light spillage should be minimal to avoid light pollution. Light can be restricted to selected areas by fitting hoods which direct the light below the horizontal plane, preferably at an angle less than 70 degrees.

solar road stud marker
The ‘Bat Hat’ of solar road stud marker reduces the upwards light spillage of omni directional LED by around 98% while remaining the same in profile. This means that you will still be able to see the solar road stud marker, but it won’t bother the bats and insects as they fly overhead.
Within Dark Sky areas, the solar road stud marker is an excellent choice if your cycle path/walkway still needs to be visible without hindering star gazers. This powerful delineator will not cause unwanted light fields – solar road stud marker will simply pave the way for the route you require.