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Buy Half Moon Solar Road Stud Lights NK-RS-T1

NOKIN traffic is a professional manufacturer of solar road stud light. NOKIN was founded in 2001. Every employee of NOKIN can be proud to say: "we are professional in the production of solar road stud lights!"
half moon NOKIN-solar-road-stud-T1

In the production of solar road stud lights, we have such a strong base, not only because NOKIN have five product patents, 19 years of production experience and eight professional researchers, but also because NOKIN solar road stud light are exported to 60+ countries and regions and are well received by customers. NOKIN solar road stud are of good quality and price, and our service is of high quality.

Solar road stud light NK-RS-T1 is a road stud light of NOKIN. The biggest difference between this product and other solar road stud is its shape. Unlike the usual round or square solar road stud, solar road stud light NK-RS-T1 is in the shape of a half cylinder. The purpose of this design is to facilitate installation on the outside of the wall and the edge of the road. This road stud light can closely fit the edge of the road, has better stability, and will not be crushed by vehicles.

solar-road-stud-light on port

Solar road stud T1 is more suitable for parking lots, high-speed intersections, road piles and other places. Its shell is made of aluminum and plastic, which is very stable under pressure. The service life is up to 3-5 years.

If you want to install solar road stud lights in the parking lot, take a look at solar road stud T1! Its special shape and structure can meet your different needs. In NOKIN website CASE page there are the application pictures of NOKIN solar road stud light, interested customers can view at any time!