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Solar Road Stud Lights Is Better Than Common Road Stud

In the field of transportation, the road stud plays a strong safety function since its birth. No matter in the field of transportation, the road stud has a strong safety function since its birth, whether it is plastic or glass.

But the light emitted by ordinary reflective road studs is not strong enough, and sometimes it will lose effect in extremely dim light or fog and snow days. At the same time, the reflective road stud relies on reflecting the front light of the car, so the light source is unstable and the transmission distance is short. Ordinary reflective road studs are difficult to achieve the effect of warning drivers and illuminating the road.

Therefore, the emergence of self luminous road stud is necessary. With the development of economy and society, more and more high-tech products have been developed. Most of them can't do without electricity, but it's limited. And the road stud needs to be used on the road, it will be often crushed by cars and so on. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use electricity for self luminous road studs.

The emergence of solar road stud light solves this problem. Solar road stud lights use solar cells, which can absorb solar energy during the day, convert them into electricity through the internal system, and emit light at night or when the light is dim. Moreover, the solar road stud light has strong light penetration, can illuminate 500-800m away, and can be used normally in rainy and foggy weather.


The future development of solar road stud lights as a traffic safety facility is very bright. If you want to know more about the solar road stud lights, please visit NOKIN website or use the WhatsApp button on the web page . NOKIN will be happy to serve you.