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Solar Powered Road Stud Light In Smart Zebra Crossing


A smart zebra crossing has been unveiled in jiaxing, zhejiang province.

This zebra crossing looks like a normal zebra crossing when no traffic is passing, but as long as a car is passing, the road stud light on both sides of the zebra crossing will glow to remind pedestrians not to run red lights.At this time, the system also matches the voice prompt "please do not run the red light", "green light, please pass" and so on.The smart zebra crossing has become a must-punch point for tourists in jiaxing, causing many citizens to stop to take photos or experience "crossing the road".

Solar powered road stud on road

There are two kinds of solar powered road stud combined with zebra crossing: one is for the driver to see, the light of the solar road stud should be directed towards the distance of the road, the driver needs to be able to find the junction road stud light at a distance of 200 meters, and the brightness should be high; Another kind is to give pedestrian to see, the light this solar road stud is upward, when pedestrian walks to solar road stud, the junction road stud light become more and more striking, the light is downy and comfortable.
solar road stud
Jiaxing solar powered road stud is a kind of uniform light solar road stud for pedestrians to see, the shape of this uniform road stud light is round, looks more like the opposite traffic lights, was pulled to the soles of feet.

"The solar powered road stud light and tips are really warm. I will not be a phubber anymore and cross the road safely." The citizen Mr. Zhou said to the reporter with a smile.With such a smart road stud light, you can see the zebra crossing more clearly at night! It also has a clear reminder for both drivers and pedestrians, which is awesome!