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Solar Powered Cats Eyes On Pedestrian Crosswalk In China


A lighted crosswalk was seen in Yichang, China. Flashing amber solar powered cats eyes can make the driver aware of a crosswalk at night. You will find that solar cats eyes in China are mostly uesd combin with zabra crossing.

solar powered cats eyes on road

With the continuous development of social economy, more and more motor vehicles are driving on the urban road. Although there are pedestrian traffic lights on both sides of some zebra crossing, when people and vehicles meet and pedestrians cross on the road, pedestrians on the zebra crossing face more and more potential risks; if the weather is bad, the sky is dark, the vehicle speed is too fast and the traffic lights indicate that there is a problem, pedestrians crossing the zebra crossing increase the risk. Sometimes even if the driver finds the pedestrian on the zebra crossing at a relatively short distance, it is often unable to avoid because the response is not timely or the vision is not clear enough.

In order to improve the safety factor of zebra crossing and reduce the potential of pedestrians on the zebra crossing in danger. A solution based on the Internet of active lighting was proposed, which is an intelligent zebra crossing with solar powered cats eyes. When there is a pedestrian walking on the zebra crossing, the solar cats eyes near the zebra crossing will flash continuously to remind the driving vehicles to be polite to the pedestrians; when there is no pedestrian, the solar cats eyes will not flash, and the vehicles can move smoothly.


solar cats eyes in China


The function of intelligent zebra crossing warning system

The intelligent zebra crossing warning system is used to ensure the safety of pedestrians on the zebra crossing, and can be synchronized with traffic lights. 
(1) remind pedestrians and vehicle drivers in time to guide pedestrians to walk on the zebra crossing; 
(2) reduce the speed of vehicles approaching pedestrians; 
(3) extend the braking distance of vehicles approaching pedestrians
(4) Improve the probability of giving way to pedestrians and reduce the conflict between people and vehicles.

The solar powered cats eyes also are the ideal choice for curved roads, bicycle pathways, walking pathways as well as rural traffic and lane delineation. This high-performance, internally illuminated solar cats eyes offers years of reliable, cost-effective roadway safety.