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Solar Road Stud Light Combined With Traffic Light On the Road


In Tianjin, China, a new type of smart transportation has emerged, combining traffic lights and solar road stud. At the intersection of Zhangzizhong Road and the intersection of Hami Road, it can be observed that there are obvious “Pedestrian Crossing Buttons” signs on the traffic lights on both sides of Zhangzizhong Road, and there are large buttons below.

This kind of signal light that combined with road stud light is mainly installed on the road section where pedestrians have large demand but uneven traffic and large traffic volume. Pedestrians have to cross the street and press the button. The system will adjust the signal light according to the real-time road traffic flow and pedestrian crossing conditions. When there is no pedestrian crossing the street, the signal light delays the smooth passage of the motor vehicle; when the pedestrian needs to cross the street, the button ‘reservation’ green light, scientifically realizes the win-win situation for people and vehicles.

road stud on road road stud on road

In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians at night, the traffic control department also installed solar road stud on both sides of the zebra crossing. When the red light of the driving direction of the motor vehicle lights up, the semi-circle of road stud on road toward the side of the motor vehicle will be illuminated red light simultaneously, prompting the vehicle to follow the signal indication and parking the zebra crossing; and the road stud light is issued to the half-circle of the pedestrian on the way. The white light highlights the indication role of traffic markings, which can further promote the safe and harmonious passage of people at the intersection.

road stud on road

Founded in 2001, NOKIN Ttaffic specializes in the production of solar road studs. The products are exported to more than 60 countries and have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers. We also have research and development products for smart transportation. Traffic lights and road stud light are used together. When pedestrians are smashing red lights, the road stud on road will flash frequently, reminding the driver to slow down, effectively reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents. If you want to get more product information,welcome to consult us!