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Solar Led Road Studs-A New Way of Marking Roads

The solar road stud can operate on its own in low light conditions and dark environments. Solar LED road stud is powered by solar energy. The Light is equipped with a solar panel to charge the attached battery. The built-in photosensitive module automatically detects the dark light and starts to flicker. Charging under direct sunlight has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon. The warning effect of LED and reflector is better. Solar led road studs are available in five colors.


Solar led road stud road lighting systems are now widely accepted as indispensable for controlling traffic flow in many applications. In practice, this type of system operates above the road surface, and uses a variety of well-known and widely accepted colors, and has a specific direction of light, in order to convey clear and clear information to the driver, thereby improving road conditions, and solar road studs Enhance security.


Lanes on the road are traditionally marked with reflective road studs and high-visibility paint in a passive manner, usually with other reflectors on short posts on both sides of the highway. However, on busy roads equipped with low beams, these "passive road studs" are harder to see and the visibility range is greatly reduced, and in wet conditions, they may be completely invisible. Recently, some new "powered road studs" (solar road studs) have appeared as the road designer's choice. Here is a simple way to deal with new trends in solar led road studs. "Solar road stud" is nothing more than an "active road sign" with automatic switching function, which is composed of a small solar panel, a rechargeable battery and an LED drive circuit.

Solar LED road studs can help reduce accidents at regional railway intersections and intersections, and provide guidance and hazard warnings for drivers in darkness and severe weather. The solar energy system of the solar road stud is beneficial to reduce the impact on the environment and save costs. With more than 21 years of factory experience, the solar led road studs produced by NOKIN has a competitive price, providing more choices for the global traffic and road safety market and global trusted partners.