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Solar LED Road Stud Markers in Urban Lighting

In the near future, according to the electricity price of 0.9 yuan / KWh, solar LED road stud light can save 95600 yuan of electricity cost in a year. Within 20 years of the effective service life of solar LED street lamps, if the price rise factor is considered and the average electricity price is 1.65 yuan / KWh, it is estimated that the electricity cost can be saved about 3.55100 yuan in the next 20 years.

solar road stud marker
If the cost of battery replacement of solar LED street lamp is not calculated, the investment of solar LED road stud light is 206000 yuan more than that of high-pressure sodium lamp. Compared with the cost of saving electricity, the extra investment can be recovered in 1.18 years. Compared with the investment cost, the cost of solar LED road stud light is 804400 yuan (including the cost of battery replacement). After deducting the excess expenditure, the actual savings of 2.707 million yuan in 20 years.
In the next 50-100 years, the traditional fuel energy is predicted to be basically exhausted, and solar power generation is developing at a surprising speed beyond people's expectation. According to experts' prediction, by 2040, the global solar power generation will account for 26% of the world's total power generation, and will become the pillar of the world's energy sources after 2050.

solar road stud marker
Road lighting is the longest and most power consumption light, the use of solar LED road stud lights will greatly reduce the power shortage. With the continuous improvement of LED technology and solar power generation technology and the continuous decrease of cost, the real green lighting solar LED road stud lights will become the leading role of road lighting.