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The Application Future of Solar Road Stud Markers in China

Since ancient times, human beings have been filled with incomparable awe for the sun, believing that he has infinite mysterious power and is the master of all things on earth. Today, when we review his infinite and huge energy again, a new energy era begins. The application future of solar road stud markers in China is bright and potential. I will introduce the reason in this passage.

solar road stud marker
First, China is rich in solar energy resources, and the development and utilization potential of solar energy resources is also very broad. China has a vast territory and abundant solar energy resources. It is estimated that the total annual solar radiation is 3340-8400 MJ / m2, with a median of 5852mj / m2. The total amount of solar radiation in the vast area is very large, the sunshine time is long, and the solar energy resources are quite rich, which have the conditions for the application of solar road stud marker.
Second, the solar power has high energy converting efficiency. The energy of solar energy reaching the ground is as high as 800000 kW / s. if 0.1% of the solar energy on the earth's surface is converted into electric energy with a conversion rate of 5%, the annual power generation can reach 5.6 × 1012 kW / h, equivalent to 40 times of the world's energy consumption. It means that the application of solar road stud markers has the basic energy premise and technology support.

solar road stud marker
Third, the shortage of conventional energy calls for the application of solar power. According to experts' prediction, the traditional fuel energy will be basically exhausted in the next 50-100 years. At the same time, the price of oil, coal and other conventional energy is rising, especially the international oil price has reached a historical high, which creates good external conditions for the large-scale application of new energy represented by solar energy.