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Solar Road Stud Lights Manufacturers


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With the development of urban roads, more and more traffic problems and traffic accidents gradually appear. This requires some road safety products to avoid these problems. Among many road safety lighting products, solar road studs are favored because of some of their own characteristics. In addition, many road stud suppliers are paying attention to this business opportunity. So they decided to sell solar road studs.

First, solar road stud lights is activated at the beginning of dusk. Once the intensity of sunlight in the morning exceeds 100 lux, the lightning will go out and the battery will begin to charge. They maintain light output throughout the annual cycle and have been proven to increase the safety of night time, even on cloudy or rainy days, solar road stud lights will effectively charge to 100% in about 3 hours. Second,solar road studs can give drivers up to a 30 second reaction time as opposed to a 3.2 reaction time from conventional road studs. Drivers having ten times greater visibility can reduce accident rates up to 70%.  In addition, solar road studs do not require cables. An expensive and massive electrical wiring system can disappear, and the installation aspect is maintenance-free. So solar road stud lights are a good solution for road layouts that provide superior distance visibility for a safe and sustainable infrastructure. 

Solar road stud lights can be used for roads, bridges, toll stations, airport, parking lots and highway access. Its usage is flexible. Now solar road studs have been widely used in traffic management, road upgrade maintenance, construction, highways and other civil projects. In fact, solar road studs can help avoid many problems.

NOKIN is a solar road studs manufacturer in China. NOKIN Traffic specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of new high-tech solar road studs more than 18 years. They are showing their new eco-friendly solar road stud technology to countries around the world.