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Cost Of Solar Cats Eyes Road Stud


solar road studsThere are many pedestrian accidents in the world every year. There are multiple technical solutions to improve pedestrian safety. An effective option is to warn potential users of potential harm. This can be achieved by actively lit markers-solar cats eyes road studs. Therefore, the solar road studs perception of potential danger increases attention.

Once the morning sunlight exceeds 100 lux, the led lights of thesolar cats eyes road studs will turn off and the battery will start charging. They maintain light output throughout the annual cycle and have been proven to improve nighttime safety. Even on cloudy or rainy days, solar cats eyes will be efficiently charged to 100% in about 3 hours.

So what is the cost of solar road studs? Because solar cats eyes road studs is actively illuminated and can increase the visible distance of the road to 900 meters, the price of solar road stud  is much higher than the price of traditional road stud. Nokin's solar road studs price are from $ 5 to $ 25 depending on the performance and quality of the solar cats eyes. Coupled with freight and import duties and customs clearance fees, perhaps in your country, the price is higher than this range.

Solar cats eyes road studs can provide guidance and danger warnings to drivers and pedestrians in dark and bad weather. It can be widely used for the warning of highways, both sides of city roads, intersections, sidewalks, farms, tunnels, airports, ports, parking lots, trucks, and the decoration of bridges, courtyards, squares, parks, etc.