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Solar Cats Eyes Road Stud In South Africa

Before meeting NOKIN Traffic, Mr. V of South Africa had been troubled that there were no high-quality solar cats eyes road studs suppliers. The quality of the solar solar road studs they installed was very poor, and they have been broken by one fifth in less than three months.
"The price of the solar cats eyes we bought is cheap, but we did not expect that the quality is so poor that the broken solar road studs need to be replaced, which increases both the cost and the difficulty". Mr. V said, "The use of inferior solar cats eyes road studs, coupled with the replacement of money and labor costs, we should really buy good quality solar road studs at that time".

solar road studs in south africa
Now Mr. V has become our stable customer. The solar cats eyes road studs he need are customized. Our solar road studs are installed on South African highways, service areas and so on.

Solar cats eyes road studs provide clear and visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions. When night falls or when bad weather starts, it automatically starts to flash. The bright LED flashing lights caught the driver's attention earlier than traditional road studs.

solar cats eyes in south africa
The advantages of solar cats eyes road stud are:
– Provide the driver with a good view at night and in bad weather conditions.
– Prevent fatal accidents and serious injuries caused by hidden and invisible centerlines.
– Maximize the driver's ability to operate and maneuver through black spots or dangerous sharp bends on the road.
– Cost-effective, easy to install and requires little maintenance.
– The use of natural solar energy is beneficial to environmental protection.