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Smart Solar Road Stud From NOKIN

Visibility is the key to road safety. Your seat belt and airbag will only protect you so far. Traditional retro-reflective road stud rely on the vehicle's headlight beam, so visibility is limited to about 90m in good weather conditions.

Solar smart road studs work in all weather conditions, extending road visibility to 900m, and have been shown to reduce road casualties by 70%. NOKIN smart road stud devices are available worldwide.


Speaking of the working principle of smart solar road studs, here are the following:

During the day, solar panels absorb sunlight, convert solar energy into electrical energy, and store it in energy storage devices (batteries or capacitors). At night, the electrical energy in the energy storage devices is automatically converted into light energy (controlled by photoelectric switches) to make LEDs emit Bright light draws the outline of the road and induces the driver's sight.
According to different installation positions, smart solar road studs can be divided into buried and protruding types. The former is generally used in the center line of the road, and the latter is generally used in the edge of the road. This is because the smart road studs installed on the center line of the road require high pressure resistance. In order to solve this problem, the solar road studs had to be buried in the ground, and only about 5 millimeters of the ground was exposed. The solar road studs used on the edge of the road do not require too much compression performance, and they can still work effectively when protruding from the ground.


According to the different energy storage components, solar road studs can be divided into capacitive type and battery type. The service life of the former can be up to five to seven years, and the service life of the latter can generally range from one to three years. Since embedded solar road studs can damage the pavement greatly, and the cost of capacitive smart road studs is too high, the most widely used battery smart road stud is currently.

With the development of technology, solar road studs are given more and more functions, such as the brightness of the road studs can be controlled by cell phone app, solar road studs are equipped with intelligent modules to sense the crowd, etc. NOKIN's solar road studs will achieve these functions. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible!