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NOKIN Solar Road Studs In The Intelligent Pedestrian Crosswalk System

Have you ever been to Guangzhou? If you have been, you must have seen the solar road studs shining on the Intelligent Pedestrian Crosswalk System!

The Intelligent Pedestrian Crosswalk System mainly uses solar road studs and underground pedestrian crossing signal lights, both of which are designed for durability. After multiple in-plant and field tests by the construction unit, it takes into account the needs of durability and beauty.


The reporter learned that the solar road stud uses a flexible solar film to collect light and store electricity, avoiding the phenomenon that the traditional silicon film is easily damaged by pressure during use. Solar road stud uses GPS technology for synchronous flicker control, and the visible distance is greater than 500 meters. , The enclosure protection grade is IP68, and the compressive strength is more than 40 tons. Will the flashing solar road studs affect driving safety? According to Yang Fan, a senior engineer at the Guangzhou Road Engineering Research Center, the frequency and brightness of the solar road studs after commissioning and field testing will not affect the driving safety of drivers.
solar road studs

The underground pedestrian crossing signal light used in combination with solar road studs has been designed with high-strength compression and earthquake resistance, and the outdoor protection level has reached IP67 level. It has also passed various performance tests such as low temperature, high temperature and salt fog, and can fully withstand daily vehicles. Crush and trample with pedestrians. The structure of the light strip is also specially designed with a limit baffle that is convenient for daily maintenance, which can be easily taken out when maintenance is needed, and the maintenance is simple.

nokin solar-road-stud

NOKIN has a high compressive performance solar road stud X5 specially designed for installation in the center of the road. The compressive strength is more than 40 tons, which can completely withstand the road section with heavy traffic. If you want to know more about NOKIN solar road studs, please contact us!