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NOKIN Solar Road Stud and Intertraffic China 2021

Have you seen solar road studs? If not, you must come to intertraffic China 2021 to have a look!

Solar road stud are a low cost, self-contained, solar charging, LED lighting marker. They can be used to reduce speed and alert drivers of common features, dangerous and dangerous curves on the road. Solar road studs can not be used as a substitute for reflective elevated road face markers (RRPM), but instead as a new high-tech alarm device.


The traffic industry is undergoing major changes and developments are on a fast track. Experience the latest solutions for today's challenges with all the experts in the field. Discover the latest trends in infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, road safety and parking. We are happy Intertraffic China 2021 has opened its doors.


NOKIN will participate in the Intertraffic China exhibition every year. At the exhibition, you will see NOKIN solar road studs. The solar road studs are used for decorative or traffic flow purposes powered only by solar energy. Solar road studs are a traffic facility which has safety functions and are widely used all over the world. The intense brightness of the LEDs on the studs make them easy to be seen at a distance of about 900 meters under good weather conditions, which decreases the happening of traffic accidents effectively.


Due to safety and effectiveness, not easy to damage, energy conservation and environmental protection, solar road studs has been widely used at home and abroad. NOKIN Solar road stud is not only a new traffic safety facility, but also can be used in ports, parking lots, parks and many other places.