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Multiple Uses of NOKIN Solar LED Road Stud

For reliable year-round illumination, just look at these ultra-bright solar LED road studs, which use a single monocrystalline solar panel to harness the sun's free energy to provide reliable, ultra-bright illumination in any condition. Each ultra-bright solar LED (light-emitting diode) is mounted using the ideal lighting angle to be clearly visible in the dark, providing superior LED road markers and LED marine markers in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or fog. NOKIN's solar LED road studs can be mounted in any location where conventional lighting may not be available or would be cost prohibitive, making them ideal for LED marine beacons or road contour lines. In addition, the rugged die-cast aluminum construction, attractive design and ultra-bright red, blue or gold solar LEDs make it a versatile solution for all road, marine and access lighting needs. With IP-68 and International Protection (IP) ratings, NOKIN solar led road stud exceed standard lighting requirements for roadway signs, marine beacons and pathway lighting.


Let's learn more about the different scenarios of NOKIN solar led road stud applications.

1.  Marking the edge and centerline of a lane

Traditionally, we use solar led road studs to mark the edges and centerline of a lane. Solar road studs can be used to provide direction on one-way illuminated roads. Different road stud colors are installed in different locations and indicate different meanings. Solar road studs can also be made into various graphics, for example, when a vehicle is traveling in the correct direction, the driver will see a green arrow. In the wrong direction, a red cross will be seen.


2. Used as decorative lights in parks

As solar road studs are accepted in more and more countries, they have diversified in design and construction, and with this comes a wider range of scenarios. Some solar led road studs made of transparent PC shells have become the first choice for park decoration and garden lights, because these compact led road stud are easy to install, do not require wiring, and are more economical. In some countries, you will see in the roundabout are installed on the solar road studs.

3. Used in conjunction with led traffic sign and traffic lights

Road studs are synchronized with traffic signals so that when the light turns green, the led road studs illuminate to enhance lane markings and guide drivers through intersections. In addition to the benefits of improved driver behavior, these non-skid road studs are installed in areas where traditional road markings are often worn down by very heavy traffic volumes. NOKIN solar road studs provide durable and efficient lane delineation, which will improve intersection safety. The road studs are synchronized with the led traffic sign on the same principle. When the camera senses someone passing, the controller transmits a signal to the led traffic sign and led road studs, and they flash in sync to enhance the warning signal.


The led road studs used in these systems are designed to be larger in size and are equipped with a large solar panel. A special adhesive mixture protects the reflector and makes the resistance to compression higher. All this design makes the road studs very strong and extends their service life. There is no problem to install it in any place with bad sunshine, rainy days and heavy vehicles. It is widely used in EU, USA and other countries. The solar led road stud is not only safe, but also beautiful in appearance. At night, it is like a necklace that dresses up a city and a road.