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Intelligent Crossing System With Solar Road Stud Has Bright Future in China

Intelligent zebra crossing with solar road stud is considered to be an effective way to ensure traffic safety, alleviate congestion problems and reduce traffic accidents. "Comprehensive transportation and intelligent transportation" is also one of the key projects in the 13th five year plan layout in the field of transportation science and technology.

"2016-2021 China's intelligent transportation industry market outlook and investment strategic planning analysis report" pointed out: intelligent transportation system is the development direction of the future transportation system, it is the advanced information technology, data communication and transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology, etc. are effectively integrated and applied to the whole ground traffic management system. Intelligent Crossing System is a real-time, accurate and efficient integrated transportation management system.

Compared with developed economies such as Europe, the United States and Japan, there are still some gaps in the development of intelligent transportation in China. But China also have our own advantages, which can be summarized into three points: first, governments at all levels attach great importance to it. Second, we can give full play to the advantages of late development. Third, the application prospect of intelligent transportation market in China is broad.

Intelligent crossing system with solar road stud: when pedestrians pass through the intelligent zebra crossing, the driver should slow down or stop driving by warning of flashing solar road stud. Actively avoiding or courting pedestrians is the driver's respect for people, as well as the respect for life, and it is the embodiment of urban civilization.

The application of intelligent zebra crossing with solar road stud can give full play to the operation capacity of traffic system, reduce traffic accidents, improve traffic utilization, alleviate environmental pollution and energy consumption. Therefore, the smart transportation of various cities and roads is the next development trend in China.