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Main Solar Road Stud Markers Products of Nokin Traffic


Solar Road Stud Marker NK-RS-Q7

Solar road stud marker NK-RS-Q7 with ultra thin design, only 11mm thickness, reduce the impact from car or cycle. This solar road marker uses flexible solar panel and the largest solar charging area. And the product can bear over 15 tons compression resistance. IP 68 test is passed. The thickness of this new type solar road stud is only 11mm, more thinner than traditional solar road stud marker whose thickness is usually 20-30mm. 

solar road stud marker

When people walk or ride through these solar road studs,they will feel smoother, less prone to tripping and feel less bumpy. Solar road stud marker NK-RS-Q7 are most commonly used in parks or sidewalks, but maybe you have new ideas where they can be used!

Solar Road Stud Marker NK-RS-K1

Transparent and round design, no sharp edge. 360 degree visibility. No blind spot in any curve. This solar road stud marker is updated type of NK-RS-C1, USA brand solar panel and Japan brand PCB board,the shell is more smooth and beautiful. NK-RS-K1 solar road stud marker can be used in Urban road, Farm,Bridge, Pillar and other public places.

solar road stud marker

Following is some characteristic of solar road stud marker NK-RS-K1:
-USA brand flexible solar panel, high conversion and charge efficiency; 
-PC cover ,high transparency; 
-Program PCB has high stability; 
-Bullet LED has high brightness; 
-Accept OEM/ODM.


Embedded Solar Road Stud Marker NK-RS-X5

For centre line, slip road and other heavy traffic use, Embedded solar road stud NK-RS-X5 has five colors to choose: White Green Red Yellow Blue. And this solar road stud  can bear over 40 tons compression resistance and reach 800m visible. So this solar road stud can be used in road center.

solar road stud marker