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Main Functional Classification of Road Stud Markers

In the last passage, the author introduce four kind of road stud markers: cast aluminum road stud markers, ceramic road stud markers, glass ball road stud markers, and reflective bead road stud markers. I am going to introduce other 3 for you.

solar road stud marker

5.  Plastic road stud markers

Plastic road stud markers is also divided into all plastic and plastic shell two kinds. All plastic refers to that the shell is all plastic injection molding, and the material may be ABS, AS + glass fiber, etc. All plastic road stud markers has high compressive strength. Plastic shell refers to that the shell is plastic and the interior is filler. The cost of such road stud marker is lower than all plastic, but the pressure resistance is also lower. It is generally called plastic road stud marker or plastic filled road stud markere.

6. Railway road stud markers

Railway road stud markers are divided into manual and machine-made products. The former are hand-made so that its shape and size are on various level. The advantage of it is low price and it is usually sold by ton. The machine-made road stud marker is made by machine through forging, heat treatment, threading and other processes. It is the best choice regardless of its shape, size and usability. However, the price is slightly higher, and the goods are generally sold by individual.
solar road stud marker

7.  Mine road stud markers

There are seven kinds of road stud markers are introduced. Each one has its advantage and disadvantage. Some are discarded by human with the development of technology. The sci-tech development will never stop, and all we should do is following steps of era.