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Solar Road Stud Markers in Foggy Weather

Solar road stud markers can help drivers keep well visibility in foggy weather and reduce traffic accidents. By the end of 2016, the national highway mileage in China has reached 131000 km, ranking first in the world. In addition, China's north-south dimension span is relatively large, and a variety of landforms, resulting in complex road environment.

solar road stud marker
According to statistics, of the 1468 road sections investigated, 340 have more than 20 times of fog annually, 140 places have more than 30 times, 40 places have more than 40 times, 19 places have more than 50 times, and 12 places have more than 60 times. Among them, Shanghai Kunming expressway, Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway, Shanghai Chongqing Expressway, hangrui expressway, Shenhai expressway, Jingkun expressway, Xiamen Chengdu expressway, Jingtai expressway, Fuyin Expressway and Baomao expressway have the most frequent tuangwu section.
The yellow fog concentration is very high, blocking the driver's line of sight. In the case of fog, the LED of solar road stud markers flickers at high frequency, and the light with strong penetration can pass through the dense fog, clearly outline the road outline, and remind the driver to drive safely and pay attention. At this time, we found that the work of solar road stud marker is very important for drivers driving under the fog. 

solar road stud marker
In some country, solar road stud markers are installed on the whole highway to alert drivers through the work of solar road stud markers, so as to effectively avoid the threat caused by fog. Due to economic constraints in our country, we can not install solar road stud markers on the whole line, but we can install solar road stud markers in the road sections with frequent fog. This can effectively reduce the highway accidents caused by fog, and ensure the safety of people's property.