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Functional Classification of Road Stud Markers

According to the requirements of the Ministry of communications, the compressive strength of common road stud markers should be greater than 160kN. We generally put the cast aluminum road stud markers, plastic road stud markers, ceramic road stud markers, glass ball road stud markers into the ordinary road stud markers class. The following is a detailed introduction to its function classification.

solar road stud marker

1. Cast aluminum road stud markers

There are two kinds of cast aluminum road stud markers: all cast aluminum and cast aluminum shell. All cast aluminum means that the shell is made of metal with high compressive strength. It is generally used at the double yellow line and is generally called all aluminum road stud markers.
Cast aluminum shell refers to that the shell of the road stud markers is cast aluminum, and the inner part is filler. The cost of such one is lower than all cast aluminum, but the compressive strength is lower. It is generally called cast aluminum road stud markers or cast aluminum filled road stud markers.

2. Ceramic road stud markers

Ceramic road stud markers are made of cement and ceramic. The round shape ceramic road stud markers are widely used in the early stage. They are fragile during transportation and are generally not recommended.

solar road stud marker

3. Glass ball road stud markers

Glass ball road stud markers are made of glass, which are widely used in early time. It is difficult to construct and install so hardly be put into basic application. Generally speaking, Glass ball road stud markers are not recommended.

4. Reflective bead road stud markers

The reflective bead road stud markers always consist of 21 or 43 high brightness reflectors.