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Introduction to NOKIN Solar Road Stud

Solar road stud lights, also known as solar cast aluminum road lights, reflective markers, LED road stud lights, etc., are charged by solar panels and stored in batteries, and will automatically emit light at night and when there is insufficient light in rainy and foggy weather, which can guide vehicles in the right direction. The driving direction can effectively guarantee traffic safety. Because it is not affected by the power supply, it does not need to dig trenches and embed wires, it does not consume conventional power, and it can be installed on the spot as long as there is sufficient sunlight. For green environmental protection products.


Compared with traditional road studs, solar road studs are durable, economical and practical, high-tech and environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and emission-reducing. With the increasing number of cars, the requirements for humanized signs and warnings in road design continue to increase. The cost of using a mains power supply for warnings is too high, and solar road studs and solar traffic sign products will be the most important source.
The function of solar road studs is to remind drivers to avoid in advance by flashing synchronously and to guide the direction in rainy and foggy weather or periods of low visibility. Compared with reflective road studs, it has the advantages of active light emission and flashing reminders. Road studs have the advantages of preventing dizziness and clear and orderly warning reminders. Solar road studs are visually inducing facilities with active luminous and passive reflective properties, and are usually used in combination with marking lines.
Solar road stud light-emitting devices should use LEDs, and the luminous intensity of a single LED at rated current, regardless of white, yellow, and red, should not be less than 2000 mcd, and the half-intensity angle should not be less than 15°. The number of LEDs is not less than 2 for each light-emitting surface. The service life of LED road stud lights is very long, generally speaking, the service life is about 3-5 years, and there is basically no need for manual maintenance during use.
The active luminescence of solar road stud lights can not only avoid the interference of rain and fog to the greatest extent, but also allow the driver's sight to get rid of the dependence on car lights, and the visual distance is longer and the effect is better. Therefore, the solar panel of the solar road stud should face up and be placed in direct sunlight to ensure the best photoelectric conversion effect. Sufficient light conditions can meet its night visual distance of more than 800 meters.