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Installation problems of LED solar road stud lights

Since solar road stud lights can emit stronger lights at night, which clearly modifies the road outline and reduces the occurrence of traffic accidents, more and more roads are installed with solar road stud lights. A qualified solar road stud light must be resistant to pressure and wear, with long service life and strong brightness, and will not affect road traffic. Its installation also requires special attention. Improper installation will cause the road stud to loosen in a short time and affect traffic.


First of all, it is necessary to examine whether a road section is suitable for installing solar road studs. The road conditions must be flat, or the installation conditions must be flat. Regardless of whether it is a flush solar road stud or an embedded solar road stud, the road needs to be cleaned and the installation position should be kept flat. Strong, not easy to loosen.
If you need to install flush road stud lights that need to be fixed on the road with glue, epoxy resin glue is mainly used, and a certain amount of curing agent needs to be added, so that the mixed glue is applied on the bottom of the road top, and the road stud lights The adhesion to the ground will be stronger and less likely to loosen. It should be noted that the amount of glue must be moderate. Too little will not be conducive to the adhesion of road studs to the road surface, and too much will stain the road studs, affecting reflection or lighting.
The installation of LED solar road stud lights that need to be embedded requires a punching machine of matching size to punch holes on the road, and then use epoxy resin glue and curing agent to bond the road surface and solar road stud lights together. The punching machine The hole punched must match the size of the solar road stud light, especially not too large, which will make the road stud fall off more easily.
The installation distance between LED road studs can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the road. It should be noted that no matter which installation method is used, the road needs to be closed for management before installation, and 4-8 roads need to be closed after installation. Hours, the road can only be opened for normal traffic on the premise that the solar road stud has been fixed on the road and will not loosen.