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The Application of Solar Road Stud Marker in Tunnel (1)

Nowadays, the proportion of tunnels in the total mileage of expressways traffic is higher and higher, and the number of medium and long tunnels is increasing. The driving safety problems in the transportation process of long tunnels are becoming increasingly prominent. In combination with the requirements of the Ministry of transport to create highway and water transport quality engineering, it is imperative to seek innovative application such like reflective road stud marker in tunnel traffic safety facilities, and tunnel contour LED solar road stud marker also emerge as the times require, and are increasingly widely used.
Because the highway tunnel is a closed space with limited traffic space and non-circulating air. Therefore, the original passive reflection surface of the road stud marker installed in the tunnel will soon be covered by accumulating dust due to the polluted air, and then lose the reflective effect. The tunnel LED solar road stud marker is produced in this background.

solar road stud markers in tunnel
As we all know, sunlight is not available in tunnel. The active solar road stud marker can exploit its advantages to the full by gathering a huge solar panel in somewhere of enough solar power and supply solar energy to all the solar road stud marker installed in the tunnel.
solar road stud markers in tunnel
Led solar road stud marker can clearly outline the edge and the road in the tunnel. They will not be crushed by vehicles and have long service life. The life span can be more than five years. In addition, there is no need to arrange electrical circuits and cut large grooves on the road surface to install the solar road stud marker, so the construction is simple and convenient.
In addition, the flashing mode of LED solar road stud marker can be constant or flashing. The solar road stud markers on both sides of the road can flash synchronously in a designed frequency. It can also be kept on. According to the research, in the straight line section, the way of constant lighting will make the driver feel more comfortable, and the project is simple and reliable.