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Application of Active Solar Road Studs Markers in Tunnel

Active solar road stud marker is a special kind of solar road stud markers. It is suitable to apply in tunnel. Because it can use the solar power supplied by a solar panel 500 meters away from the tunnel where the solar power is not available. Besides, it also maintains the all advantages of common solar road stud markers, such as high efficiency, strong lighting intensity, excellent anti-impact capacity and long life span.

solar road stud marker
The active solar road stud markers are generally installed on the side wall of cable trench in tunnels.
Firstly, workers should use a ruler to determine the installation position of active solar road stud marker. The height is designed according to a previous draft to ensure that the longitudinal direction is in a straight line and keep the horizontal alignment. The positioning, drilling and installation of the active solar road stud markers shall be based on the hole position on both sides.
Then fill the blue into the drilled hole. The middle of the two holes is drilled through the wall hole or determined according to the path of the active solar road stud markers.

solar road stud marker
After installing the active solar road stud marker, scrape and clean the glue overflowing around the active solar road stud marker with a knife. At last, the staff should debug each circuit separately to ensure that the single circuit is normal. After that, connect the active solar road stud marker and the main line already settled. Then connect the controller box, and test whether there is short circuit with a universal meter. If there is no problem, connect the main power supply.