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Inquiry For Solar Road Studs Pavement Marker and Exported To the Philippines

On September 12, 2021, NOKIN's business executive received an email from an old customer in the Philippines, saying that there is an urgent need for a batch of solar road stud pavement markers, but don't know if we have stocks. This customer is a good customer of our cooperation. Who doing export business all know that September is very busy. This is the first time we have received an urgent order from this customer, which is another breakthrough in our service. The director of the foreign trade department immediately reported it to the boss and applied for the urgent production of these solar road studs.


NOKIN Traffic has a modern solar road stud pavement markers production line, which can meet various customized needs of customers. For the 1200 solar studs requested by customers in the Philippines, NOKIN completed the production and arranged delivery within a day and a half. Try to meet the customer's demand for delivery. So far, NOKIN has exported more than 50,000 solar road studs to the Philippines. If you are a customer in the Philippines, perhaps you have heard of the NOKIN brand.


Some time ago, Nokin sent the solar road stud pavement marker X6 to a testing organization for testing. Experiments show that the compression value of Nokin's solar road stud X6 can reach 80 tons! This compressive value is also beyond our expectation, but it is enough to prove that the quality of Nokin solar road studs is excellent. We all know that the factors that measure the quality of solar road stud pavement markers are compressive value, waterproof, and high temperature resistance. NOKIN Road Stud is absolutely up to standard in these aspects.

The solar road stud X6 uses an aluminum shell with an embedded design. The LED colors are available in 5 colors: red, yellow, white, blue, and green. In terms of solar road studs production, Nokin does not cut corners. The X6 solar road stud has 6 lamp beads, 4 One of the lamp beads has a lamp holder, but some cheap road studs do not have them in order to save raw materials. The other two lamp beads have a certain angle and are facing the direction of the driver. The driver can see the solar studs on the ground more easily. Some solar pavement marker lamp beads on the market have a vertical upward direction, so they will look brighter, but we have to understand that solar road studs are just a road warning product, and they have no obligation to illuminate.