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Solar LED Road Marker Types of NOKIN Traffic


Nokin Traffic Facilities Co ,. LTD. Is a leading manufacturer of solar LED road marker in China with the brand name "NOKIN". NOKIN Traffic provides a series of solar LED cat's eyes and solar led road marker. These devices recharge during the day and flash very brightly throughout the night and during heavy fog. LED road marker can be used on roads or as safety precautions on loading vehicles, trains and buildings.

Today, we mainly introduce the types of solar LED road marker of NOKIN from the application :


1.Heavy duty solar led road marker-can be installed in the middle of the road.

Solar road marker NK-RS-X5 is the king product of NOKIN Traffic, this led road marker can withstand the pressure of 40+ tons, can be used in the center of the road, or on the crosswalk. We offer 5 colors of yellow, red, white, blue and green. This type of solar led road marker can be installed between the double yellow lines of the road. It is an embedded road stud, which is very suitable for heavy traffic sections.

solar road stud

2.Solar led road marker that applied on both sides of the road.

Solar led road marker NK-RS-X6 and NK-RS-A10 are two other types of built-in road studs from Nokin Traffic. The main performance of these two solar led road marker is very similar, with a compression resistance of 30+ tons. It is a section with less traffic. LED road marker NK-RS-X6 is very popular in the Philippines, we have already cooperated with many Philipines customers. NK-RS-A6-1 is a raised type solar led road marker. Although its pressure resistance is also 30 tons, it is recommended to be installed on both sides of the road because it is protruding, so it is more friendly to the wheels. This solar led road marker is very popular in South Africa.

solar cat eyes

3.Ultra-thin solar LED road marker- used as decorative marks.

The original design of NK-RS-Q7 ultra-thin solar LED road marker was invented for pedestrian and bicycle lanes, because its thickness is only 11mm, but because of its compact appearance and transparent texture, it looks very beautiful after shine, many customers used this solar LED road marker as a decorative light , and it can be seen in Korean parks, American lakeside decks, and Brazilian gardens.

ultra-thin solar road stud light

Nokin Traffic also has a round solar LED road marker made of PC material. This solar road marker can be used as a decoration for buildings. Other application of solar road studs are D-shaped LED road marker can be used for truck bodies and hoof-shaped solar LED road marker for step lighting and so on.