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How to Choose a Qualified Solar Road Stud Supplier

The origin of cat's eye is in the UK. Later, the traditional cat's eye was gradually replaced by solar road studs, and it is also widely used in the world. Therefore, the cross-border trade related to solar road studs has gradually increased, and many businesses in the transportation field have also Seeing the business opportunities of solar road studs, they have sold solar road studs. For many buyers and distributors, it is very important to choose a qualified supplier of solar road studs. So how to choose a qualified supplier of solar road studs?

    1. Look at the research and development capabilities of solar road studs

For a supplier, if it has the ability to independently develop new models of solar road studs, then this supplier is definitely powerful. For example, there is a solar road stud on the market, which can only be bought here. So this supplier of solar road studs is definitely of high quality. Definitely not a trader.

    2. Visit the factory

Visiting the factory of a solar road stud supplier may be the most intuitive way to judge, but it is expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive for procurement. Especially now that the epidemic of COVID-19 is more severe in the world, it seems that it has become more difficult to visit abroad. But friends, now is the Internet era, when we contact the supplier of solar road studs, we can ask to watch the factory online, and let the supplier introduce their factory through video connection, which is almost the same as the on-site visit.


    3. Output of solar road stud suppliers

A powerful supplier of solar road studs will definitely have the capacity of large quantities of solar road studs. You can imagine how a small workshop could have such a large capacity of solar road studs. Only efficient and standardized management can create a higher production capacity. efficiency. Only suppliers with high output of solar road studs can digest the orders of major customers and receive various customized requirements of major customers.


How to identify high-quality road stud suppliers is simply shared here. If you are lucky enough to read this article, I hope you will also consider Nokin Traffic, which is a supplier with more than 20 years of experience in road stud production. Leading road stud production line, more than 20 solar road stud invention patents, and the monthly production of solar road studs exceeds 50,000.