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Buy High Quality Solar Road Stud Lights From Nokin Traffic

Solar road stud lights bring many benefits to our modern traffic safety, these solar LED road studs are naturally charged by the sun. Once the day begins to darken, the LED lights in the studs will automatically illuminate for up to 10 hours each night. They are designed with road safety in mind, can help prevent serious accidents and emit light instead of reflecting it. Some solar road stud lights are designed to take into account how to play a warning and guiding effect if the light is used up. Most of these solar road stud lights are designed with reflectors.


As a leading supplier of solar road stud lights in China, NOKIN has more than 15 years of experience in production and sales, and began to transform into the high-end solar road stud light in 2016. We promise not to produce inferior products. Road safety and life are closely related, we can not despise every life, nor let every fresh life be lost because of inferior solar road stud products. Nokin now has more than 20 invention patents for solar road studs.


At Nokin, you can find the road stud lights X5, a 40-ton compressive solar road stud, which can be installed in the middle of the road and on zebra crossings. Using Japanese bulletproof PC and high-quality aluminum shell, The casting aluminium alloy +PC shell of solar road stud light X5 is better than other shell due to its high load capacity and anti-resistance capacity. With the shell, solar road stud X5 can be installed in the middle of road.  This road stud light can be made into GPS flashing mode, and there are many working modes to meet different needs. The most incredible thing is that this solar road stud light can be used together with traffic lights and solar signs, and their combination forms a new mode of smart traffic - smart zebra crossing!

In Nokin's solar road stud products, you can also see two kinds of road stud lights with transparent shells made of PC material. These two solar road stud lights are hot-selling products which used in decorative gardens, docks, parks. Because they are not wiring is required, so they are easy to install with epoxy glue or two small screws, the only requirement is that they need sunlight and must be installed where the sun can reach. Hurry up and buy nokin solar road stud lights to install in your own garden, you will love them!


Nokin's existing workshop covers an area of 2,500 square meters. The production of solar road stud lights is equipped with dust-free workshops, which can better ensure that we make high-quality road stud lighs. We have professional solar road stud glue filling and drying production lines, Packers, etc. All of these automation technologies support our monthly output of 50,000 solar road studs. It is also our guarantee for producing high quality solar road stud lights. Buy Nokin solar road stud lights, you will get a high quality supplier.